Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Body Type: Tiny
Body Size: 33D-24-34
Weight: 107 lbs
Height: 5' 0"
Race/Ethnicity: Korean
1st Language: Korean
2nd Language: English
Age: 24
Service: Incalls/Outcalls
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Type: Straight
Body Piercings: None
Breast Implants: Yes
Grooming: Bald
Tattoos: None
Smoker: No
Porn Star: No


  Session Location Comments
300 1hr Incalls GFE
500 2hrs Incalls GFE
400 1hr Outcalls GFE
700 2hrs Outcalls GFE
550 1hr Incalls GFE, DOUBLE
750 2hrs Outcalls GFE,DOUBLE


Day Time Availability Comments
7 days 1 PM to 3AM Incalls/Outcalls strip/downtown


Thechef420's Reviews
Dec 08, 2017
So I get in and Eileen is wearing heels and a see through one piece incredible her tits are man made but really well done she grabs my ass and starts dfk me real hard while soda the other girl was preparing the shower once ready blue mouthwash toast and a shower with Eileen she scrubs you and herself really well some making out then to the bedroom while soda showered. Once in the bedroom soda starts with a really nice bbbj while Eileen is riding my face so amazing this went on for like 10 minutes finally i intiated that i wanted sex otherwise i think this would of went on forever which i wouldnt mind so eileen climbs on top of me while soda is making out with me and this girl is super tight and knows how to fuck i think i lasted like 10 minutes before I was drained took another shower and I left. Funny story though when I was getting dressed I realized I didn't have my wallet so I freaked out was tearing apart the room looking for my wallet the girls were really helpful and I realized that I left it on my Uber Eileen help me figure out how to contact the driver and I was able to connect with him and get my wallet back she's a real sweetheart
Dec 08, 2017
Once inside Ju Ah instantly started with LFK which led to DFK. She removed my shoes and took my hand and lead me to the bedroom where she removed my clothes and neatly folded them up. She then continued to DFK like we were old were a high school couple that hadn't seen each other for a very long time. She then lead me to the bathroom for the standard bathroom mouthwash routine and showere with preview BBBJ. At this point, I knew it was going to be a very nice hour. She had me lay on my back and she crawled on top of me and started making out for about 10 minutes. Our first position was 69 and what a sweet taste she has. We were in this position for what seemed like forever until she turned and called me daddy without any prompting. She then climbed on top of me in asian cowgirl and then We rolled into mish and continued the DFK, then to Doggie and Lazy doggie before I came all over her ass. I told her I wasn't doine yet and went to work in my favorite position...DATY. Then went into mish to finish the hour. I didn't come the 2nd time, but could have with another 30 minutes. Ju Ah is a wonderful girl. Treat her well. Like
Oct 09, 2017
Eileen is far more beautiful than the dubbed pictures allow you to see. She has a killer body and is very experienced in using it to give you maximum pleasure. Upon receiving the instructions and the go-ahead, I made my way to her incall apartment. Eileen greeted me from behind the door wearing a very skimpy bra and thong set that really got my motor revved. Eileen has a very happy, bubbly personality and is just so eager to please you. You are the sole focus of her world when you are with her. I am so glad I scheduled two hours with this beauty! Eileen planted an immediate DFK on me and a very warm embrace. We made out for a few minutes just inside the door. She then lead me by the hand to her bedroom. As she was devouring my mouth with DFKs, she was dis-robing me at the same time. She began stroking the "Lil Knot", who was already at full attention. Eileen stepped back from me, un-did her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor and then knelt in front of me taking my throbbing member deep into her throat. I nearly lost it right there! Eileen loves oral and has tremendous skills. After a few extremely pleasurable minutes, she stood up dropping her thong in the process and grabbed a hold of the "Lil Knot" and lead me to the bathroom for the standard blue toast and joint shower. Showering with Eileen is a thing of beauty. Tons of sensual rubbing, erotic P2P and another demonstration of her BBBJ skills. She made sure all the right spots were adequately clean and then dried me off in a Geisha-like manner. Eileen was genuinely pleased when I extended my hand to her to help her out of the shower. She led me back to the bedroom and instructed me to lay face down on the bed. Eileen began a cat-bath starting up around the ears and neck, then worked her way all the way to the back of my knees. She provided a stellar rimming session before asking me to turn over. Eileen wanted to start another BBBJ, but I told her I wanted to taste her. I began my own cat-bath on Eileen after several minutes of DFKing. I made my way down stopping to give her luscious breasts their proper attention. By the time I reached Eileen's honeypot, she was dripping wet. I went to work lapping up her flowing juices and flicked, kissed and sucked on her clit. This drove Eileen wild! She came several times and finally pulled me away saying "too sensitive!". I crawled up beside her and once again, she attacked my mouth with hers. The next thing I knew she grabbed my hand and had me insert a finger into her dripping wet pussy. Eileen is a sexual dynamo and has no problem helping you get her excited! As I slid my finger in and out of her, she grabbed a cover and mouth-mounted it on me. Eileen moved deftly into position to ride me RCG and did so with enthusiasm. We progressed from here to Doggy and within a few minutes, I blew a huge load in the bag while she used her kegels to drain every last drop from me. She refused to release me and soon started pumping away again, slamming her ass into me. Eileen had another major "O" after I came. We collapsed still together onto the bed. After a brief cool down, Eileen cleaned me up with a warm wash cloth. Upon her return to the bed, her personality came shining through. She speaks excellent English and can carry a very good conversation. We laid together for about 10 minutes, just enjoying each others company and gently stroking and caressing each other. Soon, Eileen began another wonderful BBBJ. I coaxed her into 69, where we mutually pleased each other for an extended time. After Eileen had another "O", she turned around and was determined to drain me one more time. Ultimately, I blew another huge load into her waiting mouth. Eileen was not satisfied until my convulsions had totally stopped. Only then did she excuse herself to spit and rinse in the bathroom. Coming back to the bed once again, Eileen grabbed my hand again and jammed it into her crotch, grinding her pussy on my hand with a finger inserted deep inside of her. In the throes of pleasure, she took my limp cock into her mouth trying to bring it back to life. But alas, it was not to be. She had so drained me, there was no chance a 3rd pop was in the cards. But she was certainly willing to try! Soon enough, it was time to shower and be on my way. I left that apartment and LV with a new ATF! I will revisit her as soon as my schedule allows for another trip to Vegas. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!!!!! GO SEE HER!!!! OKU
BREADDUDE's review
Aug 23, 2017
Dropped to her knees and gave me a real nice and long BBBJTCIM WOW that felt real good then she helped me dry off and led me to the bed room and she began another BBBJ until i had to stop her and told her that it was my turn to return the favor so i went south for some DATY with FIV and she got real wet and then she said now i want you inside me so on with the cover and she got on top for a good ride before shifting to RACG and back to ACG then we went to Mish for about twenty minutes and lots of DFKing and finally we both O O O at the same time and we just layed there and hugged and kissed until it was time to shower and get dressed then she walked me to the door and as we DFKed she asked me to come back again soon and yes i well be repeting with this one. Like
May 13, 2016
Pretty familiar with the routine, so the paperwork is on the table, and clothes off. Went to the bathroom for the blue toast and shower. Preview BBBJ was nice, wish it was longer, but good game waiting, so no complains. Back to the bedroom and relaxed on the bed and the BBBJ started as expected. Soon the cover as on magically and mission is the start. This gave a great view and enabled me play and grasp her beautiful upper assets. Make a few switches to side and popped doggie. She cleaned me up and we chatted a little while, although language was still a little off, but not a big deal. Soon she went down and started the 2nd session and eventually I popped in her mouth. Man I was in heaven. Will repeat.
May 05, 2016
Texted my favorite agency in the morning for an evening session with Ju Ah. After arriving at the location I phoned her handler who gave me the room number and said she was ready for me. The door opened as I approached it, behind it was sexy cute Ju Ah. I don't recall what she was wearing, but she looked good. After a nice kiss & hug greeting she took me by the hand to her bedroom. Once there, I placed the offering on the night table and we proceeded to disrobe. Ju Ah is only 5'3", which I really like. Also, very toned with great curves. Her breasts are natural, large and felt fantastic in my hands and lips. Off to the bathroom mouthwash & shower. She soaped me up very nicely front and back , getting me very hard in the process. Next on the menu was the preBBBj . Ju Ah got on her lovely knees and started to massage my balls while licking my shaft up & down all the while maintaining eye contact, very sexy! We then moved to her bedroom where she sat on my lap and did a DFK session. She asked me to lay on my back and continued her great BBBJ. It felt really, really fine! Back up for more DFK and she keep moaning getting me more excited. Now it was her turn, I asked her to lay down and I started kissing down her body to her sexy legs until I reached her cute feet and worshiped then for a few minutes. It was now time to taste her, so I moved up to her beautiful pussy for some DATY. From there, I asked her to get on her hands and knees , got behind her and just marveled at the beauty of her sexy asshole. DATO was next and we both enjoyed it very much. Couldn't take it anymore, so I asked for the cover and did mish. This girl is tight, God how I love Asian girls! She moved to ACG while I fondled her magnificent breasts. Finally, I asked for K9 so I could look at her great ass and with her dirty talking I did not last long. Knowing this girl is a real pleasure! I will repeat at least twice. If I could afford it, more. Great girl! Like

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